Membership Categories


  • Full Members


A full member is any person, at the time of admission, bearing an engineering tertiary qualification or an equivalent qualification in accordance with the legislation in force in the DRC or South Africa and who adheres to the constitution of AEDOSA, with a minimum working experience of three years.


  • Associate and Student Members


An associate member is a person, at the time of admission, who does not satisfy the requirements for admission as full member, but whom the attachment to the Association affairs, has convinced the Board of Directors to admit him in the interest of the association.  Associate members also comprise candidate engineers and trainee engineers.

A student member is a person who at the time of admission has a valid registration as an engineering student at any tertiary educational institution recognised as such by the Board of Directors.


  • Corresponding Members


The corresponding members are engineers or persons belonging to the scientific or industrial world chosen by the Board of Directors to represent AEDOSA in DRC or abroad.


  • Supporting Members


Supporting members are any physical or moral persons that contribute to the achievement of the association, AEDOSA.


  • Honorary Members


Honorary members are selected amongst:

  • Notables of scientific and industrial world and among peoples who support AEDOSA;
  • Persons that have rendered outstanding services to the Association; or
  • Persons undertaking remarkable and profitable scientific activities that contributes to the development of South Africa or the DRC.