Mission Statement

The Congolese Association of Engineers in South Africa (AEDOSA) is a non-profit socio- professional association that aims:

  • To include and represent all Congolese engineers;  
  • To defend the Engineering profession;
  • To contribute to the industrialisation process of DRC and South Africa;
  • To look after all issues pertaining to professional advancement of its members;
  • To help or assist its members in their career advancement;
  • To create and maintain a data base of all engineers from DRC leaving in South Africa;
  • To put in place formal channels of promoting the engineering profession by coaching and mentoring all younger professionals including South Africans;
  • To promote research and scientific development in the field of Engineering by organising conferences, forums, workshops, and various competitions;
  • To inform and vulgarise among its members, new discoveries in sciences and technical fields;
  • To facilitate useful exchanges between its members and ECSA; as well as other foreign similar bodies without excluding the corporate world;

To facilitate mutual and beneficial exchanges between DRC and South Africa in the field of engineering and related projects.